CAN bus

Next to data transfer, the CAN bus offers also the possibility to directly access the devices in the CAN network from the PC via browser.
Correct termination of the buses is important for use of the CAN bus to connect several devices. The network must have terminations at the ends of the lines. For this, the C.M.I. (next to the connections) and each CAN bus device have an appropriate jumper (term). The CAN bus must never be set up in a star shape from one node or clamp to several devices. Rather, the correct topology is a bus line from the first device (with terminal) to the second and so forth. The final bus connection has the terminal bridge.
                         Incorrect                                        Correct
For further information on the correct topology of a CAN bus network (e.g.: cable selection, surge protection, etc.), see the controller manuals (UVR1611, UVR16x2, RSM610).