Menu overview

Menu "File"
New...      Creation of a new customer
Open...    Opening of an existing customer
Manage...Renaming or deletion of a customer, upgrading older files to the current file format
Setup...   Selection of the data logger, the interface, specification of the logger configuration and entry of the device description and the logged values.
Export...  Output of the measurements to a csv file
Print...      Prints the displayed graphic
Exit...        Ends the program
Menu "Logger"
Read out data     Reads data stored in the logger
Delete data           Deletes data in the logger data store
Settings                Configuration of the Ethernet interface of the Bootloader
Web surface        Open the CMI web surface
Info...                     Version information about the logger
Menu "Options"
Language            Language selection
Basic settings   Specification of the data path for Winsol
Autostart             Selection of customers, who are to be automatically read-out.
Menu "Help"
Manual                         Display of the manual
Info about Winsol     Information about Winsol version